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What are the main attractions for tourists in Jamaica?

Tourists love Jamaica’s climate, beaches and heritage, making it a popular tourist destination.

How does tourism impact employment in Jamaica?

Tourism provides employment for over 300,000 Jamaicans in areas such as hotels, restaurants, shops, transport, attractions and banking.

What are some challenges Jamaica faces due to its reliance on tourism?

Jamaica is vulnerable to global economic crises and pandemics, which can halt tourism.

Many Jamaicans also live in poverty, and there is a high unemployment rate in the off-season for tourism.

How has tourism grown in the Maldives since 1972?

The Maldives opened its first tourist resort in 1972, and since 2013, more than 1 million tourists have visited each year, with the tourism trade worth $200m per year.

What rules has the Maldives government implemented to manage tourism?

Rules include leaving one island untouched for every resort island, limiting new resorts to two stories high, and allowing only 20% of an island to be built upon.

What are some economic impacts of tourism on the Maldives?

Tourism generates $600m per year, making up 90% of the government’s tax revenue, which has led to infrastructure improvements. However, there is a large wealth divide, and the country is almost $7bn in debt.

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