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What is the North/South divide in the UK?

The North/South divide in the UK refers to the political, economic and social disparities between the wealthier South and the less prosperous North.

This imaginary line stretches from the Severn in Gloucestershire to The Wash in Norfolk.

What are some historical reasons for the North/South divide?

Historically, the South, especially London, has been the centre of political power, finance and trade, attracting more investment.

The North relied heavily on industries like manufacturing and mining, which declined during deindustrialisation and privatisation in the 1980s.

What are some strategies to close the North/South divide?

Strategies include the transfer of power to Northern councils, local enterprise partnerships, enterprise zones, the Northern powerhouse strategy, and the controversial HS2 rail project.

What is the HS2 rail project and why is it controversial?

The HS2 rail project aims to connect London with Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds, reducing travel times and helping businesses.

It is controversial due to escalating costs, environmental concerns, and fears that it may favour London over other regions.

What are enterprise zones?

Enterprise zones are designated areas that promote new business in regions with minimal economic activity. They offer tax and rent discounts, grants for machinery, and simplified planning regulations.

The North has 25 enterprise zones.

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