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What is desertification?

Desertification is the process of land turning into desert due to the declining quality of the soil, often accelerated by human activities.

What are some causes of desertification in hot deserts?

Causes include:

• Growing populations increasing pressure on resources.
• Overgrazing by livestock leading to soil erosion.
• Felling trees for cooking and fuel, causing soil erosion.
• Climate change leading to higher temperatures and less precipitation.

How does overgrazing by livestock contribute to desertification?

Overgrazing by increased livestock numbers leads to more vegetation being consumed, leaving the soil exposed and vulnerable to erosion.

What impact does climate change have on hot deserts?

Climate change leads to higher temperatures and less precipitation, worsening soil quality and accelerating desertification.

What strategies can help prevent or reduce desertification?

Strategies include:

• Planting more trees to strengthen soil and prevent erosion.
• Encouraging sustainable farming practices.
• Efficiently storing water during the wet season for use in the dry season.

How does felling trees for fuel and cooking contribute to desertification?

Removing trees whose roots hold the soil together accelerates soil erosion, leading to desertification.

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