Threats to Tropical Rainforests and Management Strategies Flashcards

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Why are Tropical Rainforests (TRFs) important in the fight against climate change?

TRFs, like the Amazon, absorb a significant amount of CO2, helping regulate the global carbon cycle. The Amazon alone absorbs about 25% of the CO2 absorbed by all land on Earth.

What human activities have led to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest?

Agriculture, logging, mining, road construction, hydroelectric power projects, and expanding human populations have all contributed to deforestation in the Amazon.

What are the consequences of deforestation in tropical rainforests?

Consequences include disrupted nutrient cycles, infertile soil, soil erosion, damaged food webs, reduced biodiversity, and accelerated climate change.

What is sustainable logging and replanting?

Sustainable logging involves selectively felling trees to allow young trees space to grow. For each tree cut down, another is planted to maintain tree populations.

How can international agreements help protect tropical rainforests?

Treaties ask countries with tropical rainforests to commit to environmental protection in exchange for economic aid from wealthier nations.

What is ecotourism and how does it benefit tropical rainforests?

Ecotourism is environmentally friendly tourism that creates jobs for locals and funds sustainability and conservation projects, helping to protect tropical rainforests.

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