Urbanisation in the UK: London Case Study Flashcards

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Note: We may include questions that have multiple correct answers. It’s useful to remember specific examples to understand these concepts better.

What is the population of London, and what percentage of the UK’s GDP does it generate?

London’s population is 8.98 million, and it generates 22% of the UK’s GDP.

Why do people migrate to London?

People migrate to London due to its economic opportunities, higher wages, better public services, cultural activities, and diverse educational opportunities.

What are some positive effects of migration on London?

Positive effects include greater ethnic diversity, more cultural and leisure facilities, increased tourism, and a growth in the young adult population.

What are some challenges London faces due to urban growth?

Challenges include wage disparity, insufficient housing, high rent prices, areas of deprivation, pollution, and social disparities.

How has London’s public transport system evolved with urban change?

London has developed an interconnected public transport system, including improvements in rail and bus networks and the new Crossrail system for faster travel.

What environmental challenges does London face?

London faces air pollution, waste management issues, inner city dereliction, and the need to protect green spaces while managing urban sprawl.

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