Pure Substances and Mixtures

Two test tubes with mixtures of bromine (Br2) and water (H2O). The left tube has a small amount of bromine in water, and the right tube has a greater amount of bromine in water. Both tubes have close-up views showing individual Br2 molecules and H2O molecules mixed together. Text above reads "The unique properties of the components of a mixture can be used to separate the components" and "Mixtures can be separated into different components."

Classifying Matter

To summarise:

A flowchart categorising matter into pure substances and mixtures. Pure substances are divided into elements, with graphite as an example, and compounds, with water as an example. Mixtures are divided into homogeneous, exemplified by lemonade, and heterogeneous, exemplified by oil and water. Each category has a representative molecular diagram below it.

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