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Chapter 7-12 Summary of Lord of the Flies

Chapter 7

The group of older boys head to the mountain to relight the fire. They see a wild boar and Ralph manages to throw a spear into its side; however, it gets away. Excited by having hit the target, Ralph reenacts the chase and pretends to throw his spear at a boy named Robert, who plays the part of the snarling boar.

The boys get so carried away, chanting, “Kill the pig!” that Robert is hurt, and it looks for a brief moment as if Ralph and Jack may actually kill him. When they have calmed down, they discuss how they could develop their tribal chant, and Jack jokes about killing a littlun.

Simon is sent back to the beach to inform Piggy that they won’t be back that night. The tension between Ralph and Jack rises again as they squabble about whether it is too dark to climb the mountain.

In the end, Ralph, Jack and Roger are the only ones brave enough to do it, but Ralph and Roger stop halfway up, declaring it too dangerous. Jack continues, but shortly afterwards returns looking terrified, saying he saw something. The three boys climb up and see the dead parachutist flapping in the wind, causing them to run away in terror.

Chapter 8

Back on the beach, Ralph tells Piggy about seeing the beast, but Piggy is sceptical about it. Jack claims he will kill the beast, but Ralph questions his ability to do so. An insulted Jack starts a rebellion, asking to be voted as the new leader. When the vote doesn’t take place, he heads off into the forest alone, inviting the rest to join him.

Simon suggests that they all head to the mountain to find the beast, but no one agrees. Piggy suggests that they start a fire on the beach so that they don’t have to return to the mountain. As the fire starts, Ralph and Piggy note that most of the older children have left to join Jack.

Jack and those in his new tribe manage to kill a sow. He decides they will cook it and use it to entice Ralph’s group to join him. He takes burning sticks from the beach fire to start his own in the forest. After a meeting, the boys on the beach decide to follow him.

Meanwhile, Simon has wandered off to be by himself. He discovers the sow’s head on a stick, which Jack had left as an offering to the beast. There are flies swarming around it and he hallucinates, imagining the head – which he calls The Lord of the Flies – talking to him. It tells him that he was correct in his theory about the beast being inside the children themselves, and for this reason, the beast cannot be killed.

Chapter 9

Simon sees the dead parachutist and realises that this is whom the boys mistook for the beast. To prove this to them, he untangles the parachute from the dead man and takes it down to where the fire is burning in the forest.

At the feast, Jack sits on a throne like a king while the pig is roasted. He invites all of Ralph’s followers to join his group, which most of them do. As it starts to rain, Ralph asks how Jack will cope with a storm with no shelter built. In response, Jack does a frenzied war dance and chant, which all the boys join in with, even Ralph and Piggy.

When Simon approaches, with the parachute flapping behind him, the boys mistake him for the beast; they violently attack and kill him. The storm blows the parachutist’s dead body off the mountain onto the beach, causing the boys to run away screaming. Simon’s body is washed out to sea.

Chapter 10

The next morning, Ralph realises that his followers are very depleted, since many have defected to Jack. Only he, Piggy, Sam, Eric and the littluns remain. In a conversation with Piggy, Ralph brings up the murder of Simon, but Piggy – out of shame – refuses to acknowledge that it happened.

Meanwhile, now based at Castle Rock, Jack has a boy in his group tied up and beaten, showing how he is becoming more like a cruel dictator. To keep the boys vigilant, Jack tells them that they only injured the beast but didn’t kill it. He also makes plans for another raid of the beach to get more burning sticks.

However, at Ralph’s camp, they have let the fire burn out as they don’t have enough people to keep it burning at night. Jack and his followers attack them and, being unable to get any burning sticks, they steal Piggy’s glasses instead.

Chapter 11

The next morning, Ralph – urged by Piggy – blows the conch to call a meeting among those left in his group. They decide to go to Castle Rock to reclaim Piggy’s glasses.

Once there, Piggy blows the conch to call for a meeting, but Jack’s tribe surround them menacingly. Jack and Ralph have a fight using the sides of their spears, only stopping when they are too exhausted to carry on. At Jack’s orders, Sam and Eric are captured and tied up.

Piggy blows the conch once more, pleading with them to act sensibly rather than savagely. However, at that moment Roger pushes a boulder off a cliff onto the spot where Ralph and Piggy are standing. Ralph manages to dive out of the way, but Piggy – without his glasses – cannot see it and is crushed. The conch is also shattered.

Ralph manages to flee while Roger begins to torture the prisoners Sam and Eric.

Chapter 12

Ralph hides in the forest, before returning to Castle Rock to spy on the boys. On the way, he passes the Lord of the Flies, which he imagines for a moment to be alive. In anger, he throws the skull to the ground, taking the spear that it was on.

He sees Sam and Eric, having been forced to join Jack’s tribe, guarding the castle. They won’t join him as they are too scared, but do give him food, and tell him that Jack’s followers plan to find and kill him. Ralph hides in a thicket but is found after Sam and Eric are tortured into revealing his whereabouts.

The boys cannot penetrate the thicket and so set a fire to smoke him out. Ralph runs past them, and the tribe follow, desperate to kill him. He eventually makes it onto the beach where he collapses in exhaustion. He looks up to see a naval officer in front of him; the island had been spotted due to the forest fires.

The other boys arrive, carrying spears, with war paint on their faces. The naval officer is appalled at how quickly they have turned to barbaric savagery and reprimands them for not acting with more British decorum. As the boys all start to cry, the naval officer looks towards his ship in embarrassment.

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