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Developing Sustainable Industry

Industry, particularly in the UK, has traditionally been a significant source of pollution. In the 21st century, with growing global environmental concerns, the government is focusing on making the UK’s economy more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Strategies from the Government

10-Point Plan

In 2020, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 10-point plan aimed at revolutionising Britain by making it greener and more sustainable.

Many of the points relate to transforming Britain’s industry and the ways businesses can generate revenue, as well as changing the country’s industrial structure. The plan is set to cost £12 billion, with the goal of eradicating the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050. Often dubbed as Johnson’s ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, the points include:

The London Sustainable Industries Park (London SIP)

The London SIP, located in the Thames gateway east of the city, is built on a brownfield site that used to be the Dagenham Ford car factory. It provides space for nine different businesses, with great connections to the underground network, train stations, City airport and the M25.

The first three organisations in the park are focusing on recycling and developing biofuel sustainably. The goal is for more businesses to move in and collaborate within the park, sharing resources and ideas. Waste generated by one business could assist another with research, improving the quality of the park’s work simultaneously.

Key Terms

SustainablePractices that can be maintained long-term without depleting resources or harming the environment
Brownfield SitePreviously developed urban land that is currently unused

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