Tutoring Pricing

Our tutoring services cater to both Primary and Secondary School students. We also offer both 30-minute and hourly sessions.

Primary + Secondary School Tuition


per student per 30-minutes

Primary + Secondary School Tuition:


per student per hour

Features of our Tutoring Service:

  • Personalised Learning Plan - We tailor the learning plan of each student to match their unique learning style and academic needs

  • One-on-One Attention - Students receive individualised tutoring, alongside personalised guidance and feedback.

  • Exclusive Access to Resources - Our tutoring students get exclusive access to all our learning resources, including a wide range of study materials, quizzes, and practice worksheets. This service is also available to those subscribed to our Learning Resources package.

  • Progress Tracking - We provide regular assessments to monitor and track student progress.

  • Examination Strategies - Our tutors train students on effective exam techniques and time management.

  • Homework Assistance - Our tutors provide assistance and support with homework and assignments.

  • Regular Mock Tests - To assess understanding and readiness for actual exams, we conduct regular mock tests. Results and feedback from these tests are communicated via email.

  • Post-Assessment Reviews - Detailed feedback, sent through email, is provided after each assessment to highlight strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Tutoring Portal - A dedicated portal for parents and students to check the date and time of tutoring sessions, interact with tutors, and access resources to support the student's learning.

Learning Resources Pricing:

Our Learning Resources offer additional support to students, providing a digital platform for self-paced learning.



per individual per month



per individual per year

Features of our Learning Resources

  • Progress Tracking - Track your progress and performance to see what topics you've covered.

  • No Advertisements - An uninterrupted learning experience with no distracting ads.

  • Access to a growing range of:

  • Quizzes - To test your knowledge and get a better understanding of different concepts.

  • Audio Content - For auditory learners.

  • PDF Practice Question and Activity Worksheets - Print out practice question and activity worksheets to test your knowledge.