Secondary School

Transitioning into secondary school represents a pivotal moment in a student's educational journey. At Shalom Education, we pave the way for a seamless transition into secondary school. Here you can find expert tutoring that nurtures academic growth.


To excel in the GCSE exams, students must build a strong foundation in the subjects introduced during Key Stage 3. This phase covers Years 7 to 9, marking the first three years of secondary school. Typically, students tackle 12-13 subjects in this stage (depending on the school). However, at Shalom Education, we focus on five subjects: Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

The transition from KS2 to KS3 can often be a significant challenge as students step into secondary school. Recognising this, our approach reinforces core skills and knowledge, therefore smoothing this transition and setting the stage for remarkable success in the future GCSE examinations.

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How We Tutor:

We understand that GCSE is a stressful period for most students, and procrastination does not make it any easier. At Shalom Education, we make learning an enjoyable and interactive experience. With dedicated and knowledgeable tutors that cover a variety of subjects, including Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, no student is left behind as our tutoring covers AQA, OCR, and Edexcel exam boards at all levels.

This way we ensure that all learners have strong subject knowledge by using different approaches to learning. We also focus on exam techniques, so learners understand how to complete their exams in the most efficient manner. You can trust that your child is in good hands at Shalom Education as we vet all our tutors, ensuring they receive continuous professional development and have procedures in place to guarantee all our policies are followed.

We Select the Best Tutors for You

We believe that what makes a tutor excellent is not just their subject knowledge, but also their personality. Tutors that are liked and admired are considered easier to work with and, therefore, to learn from. These are the three main characteristics that we consider to be important when selecting our tutors:


An enthusiastic tutor puts more preparation, passion, and excitement into each lesson. This often leads to an increase in student engagement, as well as curiosity. Or in other words, students feel more motivated to attend lessons and improve their performance. Students that perform better encourage a more positive learning environment. Even when a student doesn't have a passion for a subject, seeing the tutor's enthusiasm can spark an interest in the learner.


Students who are not motivated will not learn as effectively as they often get distracted and discouraged. Therefore, selecting a tutor with the ability to provide positive reinforcement to students allows us to facilitate a more enjoyable experience.


When learners are intimidated by tutors or vice versa, it can lead to a tense learning environment and poor conditions for improving performance. When a tutor focuses on addressing the student's failures rather than successes, it can cause them to feel threatened. The more threatened students are, the less vocal they will be in fear of being wrong. At Shalom Education, we ensure that our tutors are encouraging students to ask questions, engage in positive reinforcement, and are open to hearing about students' experiences. Which leaves a lasting impact.

Independent Learning

The learning journey extends beyond the walls of the classroom. To foster intellectual curiosity and cultivate creativity, we actively promote independent learning. Central to this is our growing digital library covers many subjects at KS3 and GCSE levels.

Explore various subject topics, aligning with the UK national curriculum. It includes interactive quizzes that not only serve as a tool for self-assessment, but also as a pathway to ignite a genuine interest in learning.