Microscopy Flashcards

What does ‘resolution’ mean in microscopy?

Resolution describes a microscope’s ability to distinguish detail, specifically the shortest distance between two points that can still be seen as separate.

How is magnification represented and calculated for a microscope?

Magnification is represented with an ‘x’ (e.g., x10, x200) and is calculated by multiplying the eyepiece lens magnification by the objective lens magnification.

What is the total magnification if the eyepiece lens is x10 and the objective lens is x60?

The total magnification is x600.

How do you calculate the real size of an object using magnification?

Real size = Size of image / Magnification

What is the formula to calculate the magnification of an image?

Magnification = Size of image / Real size of image

What are the two lenses in a compound microscope?

The eyepiece lens (ocular lens) and the objective lens.

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